562 Top Writers Demand ‘Bill of Digital Rights’

Margaret Atwood at TRU on Feb. 15, 2013

Margaret Atwood at TRU on Feb. 15, 2013 (Photo credit: Thompson Rivers)

Authors from 81 countries become supporters of whistleblower Snowden
‘More than 500 of the world’s leading authors, including five Nobel prize winners, have condemned the scale of state surveillance revealed by the whistleblower Edward Snowden and warned that spy agencies are undermining democracy and must be curbed by a new international charter.

‘The signatories, who come from 81 different countries and include Margaret Atwood, Don DeLillo, Orhan Pamuk, Günter Grass and Arundhati Roy, say the capacity of intelligence agencies to spy on millions of people’s digital communications is turning everyone into potential suspects, with worrying implications for the way societies work.

‘They have urged the United Nations to create an international bill of digital rights that would enshrine the protection of civil rights in the internet age…’
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An Excellent Story on Contemplation
‘…Upon moving to Los Angeles two years ago last month, I was surprised by how few drivers use turn signals. For a city literally built around the car, it continually amazed (and still amazes) me witnessing such poor driving habits. Besides the pervasive texting and driving, there are any number of activities I’ve observed, all of which point to one trend: a complete lack (or care) of others around you.

‘This notion that we should all be expert mind readers is in no way limited to driving. We make assumptions constantly. This is most acutely felt between partners who fail to communicate over the course of a relationship. When dealing with passerby you don’t need to recognize as fellow human beings, the problem is compounded…’

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2 Responses to 562 Top Writers Demand ‘Bill of Digital Rights’

  1. Edward Snowden is not a whistleblower. He’s a traitor and should be tried. If found culpable, he should be punished appropriately. Perhaps someone will have to share some bit of intel that results in the deaths of our young men and women serving in uniform before we recognize this conduct for what it is.

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