Shocking Publishing Scam

Print On Demand

Print On Demand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Read this if you publish your own books or if planning to do so

‘Here’s a dirty secret you won’t hear anyone talking about among Print on Demand publishers. Some of them see mistakes, and purposely allow them to remain in the book. Why would they do something like that? Aren’t they concerned about the author’s reputation? Aren’t they worried about their OWN reputation? In many cases, no.

‘Some of the author meat markets are only concerned about the amount of money they can drain from an author’s wallet. How can allowing mistakes to remain in a book further help their greedy goal? It’s quite simple. Most authors who are alerted to errors later, by readers or reviewers, will want to change their book and, of course, they must pay the P.O.D. publisher even MORE money to do that. Cha-Ching!

‘Allowing known errors to appear in the “final” book is a silent (and deeply unethical) way of upselling authors on file revisions later. Pretty disgusting…’

Can you thrive on domestic tension as a writer?
Anne Frank sure did. She even concluded she has grown into a wiser and kinder person as a result of her time spent in the Secret Annex.

My Translation of ‘Understatement’
I tried to translate the word ‘understatement’ to Filipino and what I came up with surprised me. The Tagalog language is tiresome to use because most of its words when translated doubles in letters and syllables. Not so with  ‘understatement’. I translated it as ‘salitang kapos’ and it only has the same number of syllables and even fewer letters!

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