It’s Triple-Plagiarism for LaBeouf Now

Français : Megan Fox et Shia Labeouf au George...
This filmmaker is obviously trying to make it to Guinness
Shia LaBeouf Plagiarizes More Apologies
‘Shia LaBeouf should maybe start going by Lie-a LaBeouf. Dude loves plagiarizing more than your little nephew loves the Tickle Me Ferbie he got from Santa. This all started a couple of weeks back when people noticed that the Beef’s debut short film,, marked a strong resemblance to Daniel Clowes’s comic Justin M. Damiano. LaBeouf apologized on Twitter, but then it was revealed his apology was plagiarized from a four-year-old Yahoo Answers comment. Well, he’s back to apologizing for plagiarizing while plagiarizing.

‘Here are the two tweets in question:…’

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