Why Watch a Speaker Not Just Read His Speech

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creativeapplications-Screenshot-2013-12-31-13.55.39This is an illustration on how easy it is to misinterpret articles, opinions, and comments. I created an experiment for that. There was an article and the speech video We need to talk about TED by Benjamin Bratton. His article seemed ferocious to me while I was reading it. Then I watched him speaking in the video. I discovered something significant: we won’t see or feel the real emotion of a speaker just by what is written. We have to watch him actually speaking! Try this experiment:

Read his article here and don’t watch the video yet.
Then watch the video here
I hope you saw my point in the experiment.

The TED reference to my blog post

The Baloney Detection Kit
Detecting the ‘most shameless untruths and outrageous propaganda’
Carl Sagan’s Rules for Bullshit-Busting and Critical Thinking
‘In a chapter titled “The Fine Art of Baloney Detection,” Sagan…

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Poch is a Bookrix author and a freelance writer. He is a frequent contributor to TED Conversations.
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