When a Billionaire Sues to Reveal Your ID

abcnews.go-GTY_David_Einhorn_mar_140217_16x9_992How would you feel?
Billionaire Einhorn Sues to Reveal Identity of ‘Seeking Alpha’ Blogger
‘Investment research website and blogging forum Seeking Alpha is in hot water after an anonymous blogger revealed that billionaire David Einhorn was secretly buying up shares in a tech company.

‘Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital filed a lawsuit against Seeking Alpha Inc. on Thursday with the Supreme Court of New York, hoping to reveal the identity of the mysterious blogger, who used the pseudonym “Valuable Insights.”

‘In the lawsuit, Greenlight says the only people who know about its purchases of Micron’s stock were “Greenlight’s employees, legal counsel, prime and executing brokers, fund administrator, and other agents.”

‘With a well-known investor backing Micron, the company’s share price “rose immediately after Valuable Insight’s posting,” the lawsuit notes…’

Anne Frank’s Diary Torn Apart
‘More than 100 copies of Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl have been vandalised in public libraries in Japan’s capital Tokyo, officials say.

‘Pages have been ripped from at least 265 copies of the diary and other related books, they added.

‘It is not clear who is behind the vandalism. A US Jewish rights group has called for a police investigation…’

Great Writing Voice Illustrations
‘Because voice has so much to do with the reader’s experience of a work of literature, it is one of the most important elements of a piece of writing. (The above comes from http://fictionwriting.about.com/od/glossary/g/voice.htm.) I would extend this definition to consider also applying the term Voice to characters, even when you’re not writing in first person. A well-developed character can also have a voice. Even though this may not meet the technical, far-reaching definitions that we’ve seen above, many of the techniques that apply to developing your voice as a narrator can also be applied to developing the voices and personalities and styles of your characters…’

Words Deciphered From Mysterious 600-Year-Old Text
The text is from the famous Voynich manuscript which has been called the most mysterious manuscript in the world

‘In February this year, a paper published in the journal of the American Botanical Council said one of the plant drawings suggested a possible Mexican origin for the manuscript.

‘Prof Bax, an expert in applied linguistics, said he had been working on the Voynich Manuscript for about two years.

‘He said he had managed to find the word for Taurus, alongside a picture of seven stars (seen as part of the zodiac constellation of Taurus) and the word Kantairon alongside a picture of the herb Century…’

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