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The Cruel Misinterpretation of Virginia Woolf’s Suicide Letter

Could anything be interpreted more maliciously? by Maria Popova ‘On April 27, a month after Woolf’s death, The Sunday Times ran the following self-righteous evisceration by a Mrs. Kathleen Hicks, wife of the Bishop of Lincoln: “Sir, — I read … Continue reading

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How Equal are Journalists and Bloggers?

Originally posted on Plato on-line:
In the unverified digital world, are journalists and bloggers equal? One thing I’m sure of: bloggers are mostly their own editors. And that means more freedom ‘…Journalists will attempt to use primary sources for information…

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Wikipedia’s Wales Tags Holistic Healers ‘Lunatics’

Jimmy Wales rants at holistic healers petitioning Wikipedia He’s too dumb to realize he’s also making enemies with Buddhists and Yogis. He also proved that Wikipedia is prejudiced. Maybe he’s on the payroll of the Big Pharma and doesn’t have … Continue reading

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The Importance of Fairy Tales in Education

‘If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be very intelligent, read them more fairy tales.’ – Einstein more 25 Insights on Becoming a Better Writer ‘Today, writing well is more … Continue reading

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Senate Wants Law Shielding Corporate Journalists

Just another attempt to put damper on alternative media, bloggers, and citizen journalists ‘New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer said today the Senate has the votes to pass a bill that will protect corporate journalists from court issued demands to … Continue reading

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What to Do with Neglected Gifted Children

Precocious kids do seem to become high-achieving adults. Why that makes some educators worried about America’s future ‘…Lubinski’s unusually successful cohort was also a lucky group from the start—they participated in the study in the first place because their parents … Continue reading

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Is Google a Friend of Artists?

By Kurt Sutter ‘…As a guy with more than a few exes, I have to tell you, Marv, the most insidious ex is the one who hides the truth, steals your money, and lies to all your friends. That’s what … Continue reading

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What Being an Adult is All About [Video]

‘Gift,’ A Son Confronts His Dad’s Failure This is a terrifically sad short film from Singapore The Crucial Difference Between Success and Mastery We should see ‘failure’ as a learning experience, a trial, a reinvention because mastery is a ‘curved-line, … Continue reading

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Unpublished Book an Amazon Best-Seller

‘It’ll be six months before it’s even released. Yet it’s already become Amazon’s #2 best-selling book! It’s by the cartoonist who draws the popular online comic strip XKCD. And ironically, this book is titled “What If?” ‘It’s like a surreal … Continue reading

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Invest in Life Experiences

The Wisdom of Not Using a Mobile Phone Take note I said ‘using’ and not ‘having’. Having a cellphone and not using it is a challenge to discipline self. The worst thing about having a celphone is it deludes us … Continue reading

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