Unpublished Book an Amazon Best-Seller

English: Last panel of the xkcd webcomic "...

English: Last panel of the xkcd webcomic “Philosophy”. On the xkcd site, it displays with the tooltip “It’s like the squirt bottle we use with the cat.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘It’ll be six months before it’s even released. Yet it’s already become Amazon’s #2 best-selling book! It’s by the cartoonist who draws the popular online comic strip XKCD. And ironically, this book is titled “What If?”

‘It’s like a surreal story from one of the author’s own comic strips. In our yet-to-happen future, his book decides to travel backwards through time, stopping off in March of 2014 to inform Amazon’s best-seller list that yes, in our coming timeline this book will be widely read. Ironically, the book’s complete title is “What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions.” (Like what would happen if you threw a baseball at 90% the speed of light? )…’

A Slashdot anonymous reader writes:
‘”As reported before on Slashdot, one of the most terrible sins on Wikipedia is to edit articles for pay, or otherwise violate the “neutral point of view” policy, per their co-founder Jimmy Wales. And yet, the Wikipedia-criticism website Wikipediocracy has recently performed a study showing that a large percentage of the Wikimedia Foundation’s largest cash donors have violated that policy. Repeatedly, and wantonly…’

Court throws out Ann Rule’s defamation court case
‘A defamation lawsuit file by Ann Rule against an Eagle Creek man who wrote a scathing article about the queen of true crime has been dismissed.

‘King County Superior Court Judge Laura Inveen dismissed Rule’s case against Rick Swart and the weekly newspaper in Seattle that published his article, citing Washington state’s anti-SLAPP statute.

‘Seattle Weekly published Swart’s article titled “Ann Rule’s Sloppy Storytelling” in 2011 in which he criticized Rule’s book about Liysa Northon, an Oregon woman who was convicted of killing her husband during a 2000 camping trip in Northeast Oregon.

‘Swart, a former newspaper editor and publisher, dissected how Rule’s book “Heart Full of Lies” ruthlessly and inaccurately painted Northon as a sociopathic killer.

‘Two days after the article published on July 20, 2011, author Rick Swart made a shocking admission: The subject of his article was his fiancée. They were married in the visiting room at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville within two months of the article’s publication…’

When Your Work is Stolen or Ripped Off
A must read for writers and artists
‘Defining that difference is tricky. All creatives will copy some semblance of whatever they consider good work. And that’s fine – that’s how artists grow. The line gets murky when you copy from a single source, or when there’s little to no personal touch. Copy and pasting is how kindergarteners and digital thieves operate. Acknowledging sources or inspiration, and working to create something unique despite drawing from something established is how art is made.

‘Stay vigilant. David Lechnyr recommends taking a phrase that’s relatively unique to your work and creating a Google Alert to let you know when a match is found. Copyscape.com offers a search feature for finding pilfered work. You can sign up for automated monitoring services too…’
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Response procedure


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