Mystery in Centuries-Old Copy of Odyssey Solved

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nbcnews-ux-520-800 It’s easy to guess why the annotator willed to be anonymous. When you’re inpossession of a ‘treasure’, you keep it a secret. ‘Officials’, or worse hired goons, will try to snatch it from you if they come to know about it.

‘The handwritten notations, a combination of French and a mystery script, appear on about 20 pages throughout Book 11 of a 1504 Venetian edition of “Odyssey” that was donated to the University of Chicago Library in 2007 by collector M.C. Lang. The script was thought to date back to the mid-19th century, but nothing else was known about it.

‘”We still know next to nothing about the annotator. There are no personal references in the annotations, and in the few instances in which the author uses the first person it is only to explain why he or she committed a translation mistake.”, Metilli said.

”I was able to identify…

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