Very Significant 2 Weeks

liveinthephilippines-imagesFor years, my everyday routine was the same. Mainly, I write and read. Then suddenly, my wish to gain fat (yes, fat, not weight) happened. A few days later, I regretted the wish—where I gain fat, I also gain allergy. I was fat-intolerable. The allergy got so bad all my routines were disrupted everyday. Then, a cousin from Canada arrived for a week-short visit and a big send-off party was planned. I had to find a gift and get the pants I want to use get resized. I also needed to buy a plain white shirt since I needed to wear long-sleeves to hide my allergy. I was barely online. It was the first time I missed 3 blog posts in a week after so many years.

It turned out to be an unplanned Digital Detox. My main email amassed 400 messages. Today, I will just trash more than 300 of the messages since they’re stale anyway. I wouldn’t do that normally since I’m a data hoarder. But I’m enjoying the feeling of not being email-anxious. And trashing the 300 messages would finally affirm my first Digital Detox which I finally enjoyed.

Oh, if you don’t have high-blood pressure, numb feet, or allergy, don’t waste your resources on Cholesterol Tests which is now a hot medical fad.

The Jackpot Shop
Lucky Mary is a small Japanese surplus shop that sells just about everything very good but cheap. This shop has also distracted me from online tasks or just surfing. The actual shopping doesn’t really take much time—just about an hour or 2 per day. But what I do with the things I buy takes more time. I improvise most of them. I also consider that 1hour/day shopping as exercise. No sitting during those hours.

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