New Rules with Paid Wikipedia Editors

English: wikimedia foundation globe with hallway

English: wikimedia foundation globe with hallway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They have to disclose now if they’re paid. Will that stop the Editorial Wars?
‘The heart of the change is that anyone who is paid to edit the site must “add your affiliation to your edit summary, user page, or talk page, to fairly disclose your perspective,” according to Wikimedia’s explanation of the change. The organization has also published an FAQ on paid editing.

‘The changes come after some high-profile commotions over paid editing. In October, Wikipedia deleted more than 250 accounts believed to be connected to a PR firm that was writing articles on the site. In January, the Wikimedia Foundation fired an employee who was accused of taking paid editing gigs…’

Social Advocacy & Politics
The Epic Twitter Arrest of @PeoriaMayor
‘…I find Mayor Ardis’s reaction to @PeoriaMayor a wasted opportunity. Instead of learning something from the parody account, he reacted in anger. When I learned of @MayorEmanuel, not only was I pleased that Rahm had taken such a positive view of it, but it spawned an epiphany for me.

‘I realized Twitter could be used to create theater for advocacy. Unlike Facebook, you are allowed to create Twitter accounts for fictional characters. In fact, that is part of the charm of Twitter. And if you can create fictional characters performing theater on Twitter, you can use them to tell a story that moves people to support your cause…’

One Year After Death, Michael Hastings’ Lost Novel Satirizes Corporate Media
‘…One year after his death, Hastings’ reporting has made waves once again. In 2012, Hastings wrote a major investigation for Rolling Stone on the American prisoner of war, Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. At the time, Hastings thought it was the most important story of his career. But it only recently earned widespread attention after Bergdahl’s release for five Taliban members sparked a political firestorm. In his report, Hastings revealed Bergdahl was profoundly disillusioned with the Afghan War and may have walked away from his base as a result. With Bergdahl still silent as he recovers from five years in Taliban captivity, Hastings’ article remains the definitive account of the young soldier’s story. Today, another major work from Hastings is upon us: “The Last Magazine,” a posthumous novel and scathing satire of the corporate news media based on Hastings’ time at Newsweek. We are joined by Hastings’ widow, Elise Jordan, who brought the book to life after coming across the manuscript following her husband’s death…’


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