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This is a guest post from my blogging firend Daphne Holmes

Forget desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. They still have their place, of course, but these days increasing numbers of people are getting their information and entertainment on smartphones. Smart news outlets are taking advantage of this fact by optimizing content for mobile and, even more important, finding new ways to reach smartphone users via chat apps. The BBC, for instance, is on WhatsApp, WeChat, BBM, and Mxit, distributing news, crowdsourcing information, and reaching new audiences. For instance, it provided coverage to Indian audiences during the general elections in April-May 2014, and announced plans to cover the World Cup via WhatsApp and BBC Brasil.

Yet there are challenges for news outlets that want to go this route. One big challenge is finding a way to scale their efforts via chat apps, breaking the one-on-one limitations of chat and reaching much…

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