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Are Bestselling Authors Killing the ‘Small’ Authors and Writing?

That is what a fellow author claim. He says: ‘Would you like to know what’s really killing writing? It’s the major best-selling authors who are demanding huge advances they don’t need, thus denying newer authors from a liveable advance. Do … Continue reading

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The Youthful Microsoft Admins

A Window chat app that wasn’t working finally made me curious and I asked for MS help. I noticed at once that the second MS administrator that replied is young (the profile pic of the first isn’t his face). When … Continue reading

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The Downside of Having a Popular Blog

Why you should be careful if your blog is too popular Blogger Fined for Ranking Too High on Google Negative restaurant review gets French blogger in trouble ‘A French judge has ruled against a blogger because her scathing restaurant review … Continue reading

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Writing Wasn’t Popular and Ignored for 2 Thousand Years

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Ancient Assyrians still used clay markers, 2K years later ‘These days, not too many people use or even own typewriters. Those clunky machines have almost entirely been replaced by a smoother model: the modern computer.…

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Is Independent Media the Only Real Press?

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The Enemy Within (Michael Savage) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) That’s the claim of Michael Savage ‘After describing how lapdog media figures cozy up to the establishment, conservative radio talk show host and author Michael Savage gave…

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