Economic Growth Threatens Languages

mashable-Languages‘Already today, several of the world’s nearly 7,000 languages face a serious risk of extinction. “For example, Ainu, a language in Japan, is now seriously threatened, with only 10 native speakers left,” said lead study author Tatsuya Amano at the University of Cambridge in England.

‘The United Nations has noted that half of the languages spoken today will disappear by the end of this century if nothing is done to save them. “I personally think that the diversity of languages is associated with the diversity of human cultures, which are definitely worth preserving,” Amano said…’

Who owns the rights to Jennifer Lawrence’s naked photos?
‘A porn Web site that posted hacked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence refuses to take them down — until lawyers can prove who owns the rights to the images.

‘The site argues that since the steamy shots are not selfies, the person who actually snapped them holds the copyright, TMZ reported.

‘A lawyer for the actress sent a letter to the porn site, which has not been named, demanding it remove the photos — which were leaked along with dozens of other naked and intimate shots of celebrities.

‘But the site fired back with their own document demanding Lawrence provide proof of copyright, including the name of the person who took the photos…’

Pondering Personal Pronouns
‘In this article we’ll review personal pronouns: what they are, how to use them, and some of the controversies surrounding them. We won’t cover everything, as there’s far too much material for a single article, so additional references are given below…’

Has Your Content Been Stolen?
A Lawyer’s Guide To Defending Your Online Content
‘…The blogger buys or borrows a new lawnmower and tests it for two weeks to write a review. He takes pictures of the lawnmower, before and after photos showing the mower’s performance, and then writes a detailed article explaining how the mower is a great buy. He posts the photos and review to his website and the traffic starts flowing in.

‘After a week, the traffic drops off dramatically. He performs a search to see where his blog is ranked and notices a similar article ranked above his. He clicks on it to see that a lawn care blog copied his entire article and posted it on their site.

‘Fortunately, our blogger knows his rights under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, commonly known as the DMCA…’
How to Make Use of the DMCA

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