Why Everyone Should Read Harry Potter

jkrowling-timeline-image-harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows-part-1-film-1332770766‘…Of course there are many factors that shape our attitudes toward others: the media, our parents and peers, religious beliefs. But Vezzali’s work supports earlier research suggesting that reading novels as a child — implying literary engagement with life’s social, cultural and psychological complexities — can have a positive impact on personality development and social skills.

‘A study published last year in Science found that reading literary fiction, as opposed to popular fiction or nonfiction, results in keener social perception and increased empathy — empathy being defined more or less as the ability to alternate between different perspectives on a particular person or situation. Literature with complex, developed themes and characters appears to let readers occupy or adopt perspectives they might otherwise not consider; and it seems that Rowling might get at the beautiful, sobering mess of life in a way that could have a meaningful impact on our children’s collective character…’

Have a Case of Weak Wording? Revive Your Parts of Speech!
‘In a world where we’re accustomed to 140-character Tweets, simple text messages, spontaneous emails, and casual blog posts, we’re familiar with informal grammar. It’s not uncommon to shorten a message by omitting certain parts of speech. This style of writing certainly has its place, but it doesn’t belong in your content writing!

‘In order to establish your credibility as an Expert Author, it’s important to maintain proper grammar and sentence structure. In other words, avoid using “weak wording” in your writing…’
Weak wording is written like this

Tweet Accidentally Belittled Domestic Violence
Reminder to always check the context on hashtags
‘After a video of Ray Rice punching his then-fiancee Janay Palmer led to his termination from the Baltimore Ravens on Monday, thousands of women took to Twitter to discuss their physically and emotionally tortuous experiences in abusive relationships. They used the #WhyIStayed hashtag to fight the victim-blaming attitude of Palmer’s critics, who had questioned why she would marry a man who knocked her unconscious.

‘Jumping onto the popular hashtag, DiGiorno clearly didn’t look into its context before tweeting, “#whyistayed You had pizza.”

‘It was a boneheaded mistake, to be sure, similar to snack brand Entenmann’s famously regrettable decision to tweet on the hashtag #notguilty, failing to realize it was trending because Casey Anthony had been aquitted of murdering her daughter…’

How do you seduce sources for your work?
‘Crafting the best pitches and articles hinges on knowing the right people, so writers would be wise to use courting and wooing tactics to build bonds with sources. Here are a few methods I’ve used to find contacts for my work.’


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3 Responses to Why Everyone Should Read Harry Potter

  1. queen0spades says:

    Do you think one would keep calm if S.S. were Harry’s headmaster a posing sodomite? I ask rhetorically, as much as Joan milks her franchise of ill humours dry.

    Personally, A Series of Unfortunate Events is more my speed, love-goods.

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