Graphophobia: The Writer’s Phobia

writing.inside.tru-skullandquill.php_I was in a group discussion when someone gave me a bit of a shock. She said ‘…At some point I even had panic attack just putting words on paper…” That’s when I got the idea of ‘Writer’s Phobia’. This discussion is still in progress and so far, there were four testimonies about their graphophobia. Here they are:

“I had deep scars about writing for years because of school (I would get a A for content and style and then my mark would drop to passing grade because of grammar and spelling, no matter how hard I worked, I just couldn’t get those right). At some point I even had panic attack just putting words on paper…”

“I, too, have scars from the ONE creative writing class I took in college for my degree. The professor not only hated everything I wrote, but used my writing week after week as an example to the class of how NOT to write. Eventually I confronted him about singling me out.

“I don’t think I’ve ever gotten over it, and I think his words really stifle me today. And that was almost 15 years ago.”

‘I have “writer’s phobia” that I have to overcome every single day, but for an entirely different reason. I have no support from my family. My friends are more supportive, but my family are very practical people. They just can’t imagine me writing anything that anyone would want to read. So, I gather my faith in myself every single day, and I write. I just feel that writing is a talent I am lucky enough to have, and no one can take that away from me. I choose to believe in myself! I think that’s what you have to do…believe in yourself.’

‘…actually it did stop me from writing for a long time. The science fiction saga that I have in the works (first 3 books published already) I thought up and was going to write 50 years ago but because of the actions of this one teacher I didn’t. It wasn’t until a few years ago when some people saw some poetry that I had written which they liked that I started to get up enough courage to try writing again. Now that I am going into retirement I felt I had nothing to lose by trying to write so I wrote the first book in the saga as a test. Within a week it was in the top 1% of book sales on Amazon. I wish now I had tried earlier as I really enjoy writing and my books are being well received with a growing readership. Its amazing how the thoughts and actions of one person can make or break an individual. That teacher could just as easily have encouraged me and helped me and if he had today I would no doubt be giving him an acknowledgement in my books as having inspired me but alas no such page will be dedicated to him.’

I will add more testimonies if and when there are more.


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