Girl, 24, Beats Harry Potter Sales in One week

zoella_zoe_sugg_by_loveyounightmare-d6sjzy4Zoella: Zoe Sugg’s book Girl Online becomes fastest-selling debut novel ever
‘The first novel by YouTube sensation Zoe Sugg aka Zoella has become the biggest-selling debut ever. The novel, Girl Online, has become the fastest-selling book of 2014 after selling over 78,000 copies in its first week.

‘The young adult novel follows the story of Penny, a teenager who blogs about her hidden feelings on friendship, boys and her anxieties.
Billed as “a modern day Notting Hill for teens”, the story follows the 15-year-old’s relationship with a US pop star that goes viral as her anonymous blog is exposed to the world…’

Novelist Isabel Allende on Her Literary Career and Memories of Chile During the CIA-Backed Coup
‘In a holiday special, we spend the hour with Isabel Allende, one of Latin America’s and the United States’ greatest novelists. Just this week she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Allende is the author of 20 books, including “The House of the Spirits,” “Paula” and “Daughter of Fortune.” Her latest is a mystery novel titled “Ripper.” Her books have been translated into 35 languages, sold close to 60 million copies around the world. Allende now lives in California, but she was born in Peru in 1942 and traveled the world as the daughter of a Chilean diplomat. Her father’s first cousin was Salvador Allende, Chile’s president from 1970 until Sept. 11, 1973, when Augusto Pinochet seized power in a CIA-backed military coup. Salvador Allende died in the palace that day. Isabel Allende would later flee from her native Chile to Venezuela. In April, Amy Goodman conducted a public interview with Isabel Allende at the Americas Society/Council of the Americas in New York shortly after the publication of “Ripper.” In this wide-ranging conversation, Allende discusses her literary career and her memories of Chile before and during the coup…’

From Apathetic Software Programmer to Award-Winning Hong Kong Citizen Journalist
‘He is a post-80s computer engineer who loves computer games, football and dating girls. However, his ideas and his life have changed tremendously in 2014. Enter 511 in any search engine and you find his name—Chan Chak To. He is one of the 511 people arrested on July 2 for taking part in an action of civil disobedience.

‘On the evening of the arrest, Chan recorded in detail his frontline experience—from the moment he was arrested and taken onto a tourist bus, to what he encountered at the Hong Kong Police College in Wong Chuk Han where he was detained, up until the moment of his release. His article is full of humor, but sincere. The readers are transported to the very scene of the protest and are able to comprehend, from a closer distance and from a more realistic angle, how it all started. Chan’s article has won Best Journalism in Hong Kong In-Media’s E-Citizens Award. The day the article was published, it went viral online. It was a surprise for Chan…’

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