Amazon’s Best-Selling Books of 2014‘With the year drawing to a close, everyone from Google to Apple has been posting of their best selling titles for 2014. Yesterday Amazon published their list.

‘Since this is a single combined list for both print and digital, there’s not much of a chance that you’ll find indie titles on it. The market is still primarily print, which is still dominated by traditional publishers. In fact there is but a single indie title on this list: The Fixed Trilogy by Laurelin Paige…’

The first 4: (note that 2 and 4 are crime fiction)
The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd
Gray Mountain by John Grisham
All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
Twenty Seconds Ago (Jack Reacher, #19) by Lee Child

2014 is barbaric for journalists as 66 were slain
‘In its annual report published on Tuesday, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said there was “an evolution in the nature of violence against journalists” with carefully-staged threats and beheadings being used for “very clear purposes.”

‘”The murders are becoming more and more barbaric and the number of abductions is growing rapidly, with those carrying them out seeking to prevent independent news coverage and deter scrutiny by the outside world,” it said.

‘Conflicts also led to large numbers of journalists fleeing their countries. Forty-seven Libyan and 37 Syrian reporters fled their homeland in the past year. A crackdown on privately-owned Ethiopian media drove 31 journalists into exile…’

The framing-up of Barrett Brown
US Government’s Argument Against Barrett Brown “Should Chill Journalists to the Bone”
‘…Federal prosecutor Candina Heath repeatedly had Smith read transcripts of chats that Barrett Brown had been involved. Using his own words against him, often taken out of context, the prosecution spent the afternoon describing Brown as a “agitator”, “propagandist”, “strategist”, and “spokesman” for Anonymous.

‘In one chat Brown discussed splitting Project Pm into two groups. One would be the “legal” faction and the other, lead by Brown, would do more radical activities. The prosecutions goal was to muddy the waters, and convince the judge that Barrett was neither a political prisoner, or a journalist, but instead a dangerous mind intent on creating havoc. The truth seems to lie somewhere in the middle. Some of the quotes the prosecution used include:

7 Contract Stipulations All Freelancers Should Know About
‘“Once you realize that you can negotiate on something, then you have arrived,” said K.M. Davis, founding attorney of Davis Law Office. “You are a business owner. You are a journalist. Because the worst that’s normally going to happen is that they’re just going to say no. It’s pretty easy to figure out what is non-negotiable or most important to someone.”

‘However, being aware of what you’re signing means you can make an informed decision if negotiating isn’t as fruitful as you’d hoped. Here is some important background about official contracts and seven concepts freelancers should know inside and out…’

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