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Political Speech Prompts Dictionary Edit

Define ‘Misogyny‘. The Macquarie Dictionary describes misogyny as ”hatred of women”. But when editor Sue Butler heard Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s fiery speech on misogyny, she decided to update its definition of the word and said it will be expanded … Continue reading

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Hyphenation Errors

If you think placing commas rightly is hard enough, try reading this. 1. Omitting Hyphens in Phrasal Adjectives Some phrasal adjectives (including “civil rights,” “stock market,” and “high school”) don’t require hyphenation when they appear before a noun; they’re so … Continue reading

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Confusion on English ‘wise’ and Tagalog ‘matalino’

Tagalog (Filipino) is the national language of the Philippines. The continuing problem is how Filipinos interpret the word ‘wise’ among many others. The present Filipino generation interprets ‘wise’ as ‘educated’ or ‘matalino’ -which is definitely wrong. Anyone could be wise … Continue reading

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