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Why I Don’t Listen to Critics Anymore

My critics have gotten worse. Two of them replied to me in forums and I discovered that both of them were criticising so that they could manipulate me. I learned too that critics don’t admit their own mistakes—even blatant ones. … Continue reading

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The Net is Getting Serious but Sadder

On-line publishing is getting sober with serious issues and netizens are getting involved. That’s good. And at least, just my observation. I’m beginning to miss the funny sites. But of course if you’re only concentrated with Internet humor, you won’t … Continue reading

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Storytelling That Gets Sympathy

If you have a child that’s dying of cancer and want emotional and even financial aid, how would you tell your story? In this awesome video, Dr. Paul Zak offers a simple yet remarkable case study in how the human … Continue reading

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The Fragile Health Triangle

I was awakened this morning at 7 by the noise of a nearby children’s school having a program -the microphone was louder than the children! At first, I got irritated because I slept late at 3am drafting articles. Later when … Continue reading

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Why We Worry -by Victoria Stern

Chronic worrying stems from a craving for control. But the more we fret, the less our bodies are able to cope with stress. Key Concepts Worrying about the future is a natural tendency, but for some people it is a … Continue reading

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Easy Meditation

Buddhism is great but we don’t need to be Buddhists to practice meditation. Just slowing down our minds is good enough meditation. DumbLittleMan tells us how to practice easy meditation in the article Meditation Techniques for the Busy or Impatient: … Continue reading

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