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Celebs Who Shun Social Media

Will you shun social networking if you are a star? My primary purpose for social networking is to promote my articles and designs and to get ideas from feedbacks. I don’t think I’ll need to that anymore if I am … Continue reading

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The Problem with Jargon in Crime Books

While I was reading James Lee Burke’s ‘Cimarron Rose‘, I wondered why the book wasn’t a bestseller. It is a rare novel  where heavy human drama and insensitive hardboiled action were combined. An excerpt: ‘Then I had one of those … Continue reading

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How to be a Controversial Yet Admired Blogger

8 100-year-old Tips for Writing About Controversial Topics G. K. Chesterton wrote about everything under the sun. He wrote novels, short stories, poems, plays, essays, and Christian apologetics. He even frequently debated with the eccentric, acerbic George Bernard Shaw (which … Continue reading

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Freedamn is Just Another Word With Chinese Characteristics

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Exposed to Politics Too Early

That was what Malala Yousafzai’s father did to her. When I was 14, my older cousins were already radical activists and martial law was only a year old in our country which made it more dangerous – radicals were suspiciously … Continue reading

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A Historical Journalistic Piece [Video]

President Kennedy Addresses the Media (1961) Don’t miss this if you are an avid follower of news and media. It would be fascinating to guess JFK’s motive for this speech and its significance today. Journalism in a High Tech … Continue reading

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