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UN Declares November 10 ‘Malala Day’

Even if Malala is a Western propaganda tool, trying to murder her – a mere girl – is plain sissy ‘United Nations Special Envoy Gordon Brown has declared November 10 “Malala Day” worldwide. To commemorate Malala, he will visit Pakistan … Continue reading

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The Net is Getting Serious but Sadder

On-line publishing is getting sober with serious issues and netizens are getting involved. That’s good. And at least, just my observation. I’m beginning to miss the funny sites. But of course if you’re only concentrated with Internet humor, you won’t … Continue reading

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Exposed to Politics Too Early

That was what Malala Yousafzai’s father did to her. When I was 14, my older cousins were already radical activists and martial law was only a year old in our country which made it more dangerous – radicals were suspiciously … Continue reading

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Funny Conscience

(photo by Fareon) It does not keep you from doing wrong. But it keeps you from enjoying it.

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Anonymous Philippines

Anyone is free to copy the following images

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The Progress of my Protege’

Victor Bautista, whom I call Torv, is a maternal cousin 30 years younger than me. In fact, I’m the eldest and he’s the youngest and he’s my literari protege too. He just got mentioned on a news website for an … Continue reading

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