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The Youthful Microsoft Admins

A Window chat app that wasn’t working finally made me curious and I asked for MS help. I noticed at once that the second MS administrator that replied is young (the profile pic of the first isn’t his face). When … Continue reading

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Want Writing Privacy? Use Typewriter

The Typewriter Is Back — to Save Privacy ‘”After scandals with the distribution of secret documents by WikiLeaks and the exposes by Edward Snowden,” the anonymous source explained, “it has been decided to expand the practice of creating paper documents” … Continue reading

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Dictatorial Blog Providers

My blogging friend Rick of Bookmarks4Tech and I recently got our our blogs ‘suspended’. Mine by Tumblr and his by Blogspot. What is surprising are the similarities of the ways they meted out the suspensions. It wasn’t clear why our … Continue reading

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Storytelling That Gets Sympathy

If you have a child that’s dying of cancer and want emotional and even financial aid, how would you tell your story? In this awesome video, Dr. Paul Zak offers a simple yet remarkable case study in how the human … Continue reading

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Web Conference… in 1899

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Anonymous Philippines

Anyone is free to copy the following images

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A Lesson for Human Relations and Internet Business

Before I became a hyperactive netizen, I was hired as a public Internet shop operator four years ago. Bad experience. The owner who was a ‘friend’ turned out to be a dictator and human user. I was his third employee … Continue reading

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The Flesch-Kinkaid Readability Index Calculator

This is a great tool if you are meticulously writing something and want to know how readable your ‘masterpiece’ is. I tested one of my minor stories and got this score: Flesch-Kincaid Grade level: 6. Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease score: … Continue reading

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Famous Writers Who Refuse to Use Computers

The reason is not because they are too old for Tech. Some of them just prefer their first draft to be handwritten like I do before polishing the final draft on a word processor. Meet those writers-who-still-refuse-to-use-computers: PJ O’Rourke Oliver … Continue reading

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Want to make sure that what you write sounds right even if it’s just an email? Writers who seriously edit their precious manuscripts should read it aloud to be sure the ‘tone’ is right. Here’s a free great tool that … Continue reading

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