Hire a Writer

Why hiring a freelance writer is wise:

by Randy Parker

1. When you want experience and skills you couldn’t otherwise afford. The best freelancers are independent for a reason; they can make more money freelancing than they can working in a salaried position, and they have more freedom and flexibility, to boot. They’ve worked for the broadest range of clients and delved into the greatest variety of subject matter. Chances are they know how to best meet your communications objectives because they’ve been there before.

2. When you want a writer who welcomes the work. The harder a freelancer works, the more he makes. That makes for a happy worker. Throw extra work on a salaried writer and what happens? Oppression. Irritability. And if it doesn’t result in reduced productivity and lower quality, then it results in covert job searches. And, really, when you think about it, if you were going to make the same money whether you took on another project or not, wouldn’t you be tempted to work at your own comfortable pace and say, “I’m working to capacity?”

3. When you want a writer who doesn’t cost a dime. Sometimes it’s hard to know who works for whom these days. If you are looking for work to keep your salaried employees busy, then you are working for them! A freelancer requires no upkeep, no desk, no space, no benefits. You don’t have to pay him to chit-chat with co-workers, keep up on Facebook, go to the bathroom, or pick his nose. Think of all the time an employee can waste. Think of all the time YOU can waste making sure he doesn’t waste his!
You can use a freelancer only when it will be profitable for you, when there’s a budget for it, or when you can bill the time to a client. In the end, a good freelancer doesn’t cost you money; he makes you money. The ratio of “hours actually worked” to “hours paid for” is always 1:1 with a freelancer. What is it for a salaried employee?

4. When you want a lasting, long-term resource. Some people see freelancers as the option of last resort, folks who can’t get real jobs, who are unreliable and sleep until noon. I am sure this type of hippy-go-lucky writer exists. But he won’t last long. Having been in business for 23 years, I can tell you that a reliable independent writer can be found. The trick is to find a good writer with whom you can form a lasting relationship. That way he looks to you for ongoing projects, and you can look to him as a reliable source of creative services. It’s a nice symbiotic, permanent relationship. The company account stays balanced. The quality of the work is high. Deadlines are met. The boss or client is happy. And you get peace of mind. What’s that worth?
Your marketing and communications materials are like a three-legged stool supported by writing, graphic design, and production. If any one of those is weak, the whole piece collapses. A seasoned freelancer can help make sure your communications stand up and stand out.

2 Responses to Hire a Writer

  1. Q-study Australian PVT says:

    Hi there
    Here are details our requirements:
    The scope of work is as given below.
    Requirement: Comprehension/ passage
    Volume: 500
    Topics/ outlines: I will give specific instructions for the passages.
    Approximate number of words per passage: 100
    TAT: 2 months
    Target audience: Grade level year 2 to grade level year 11
    For grade level year 2 : 11 passages will address country’s culture and tradition, 40 passages
    will narrate about mammals, birds, environment etc.
    Specific directive:
    • Passages will contain information only about USA, UK, Canada and Australia
    Pl. note that each passage will be followed by only 7-8 questions.

    • Specific instructions for passages will be given.

    You have to quote a passage of 100 words is $…………..
    We will see content writing, quality check and other project management.

    Terms and conditions as listed below.
    • You have to provide two drafts.
    • You will take on the responsibility of writing, editing, managing all the writers and editors
    and sending us the fully finished articles. Your work is a complete solution with a prerequisite that
    we get a clear and unambiguous brief.
    • Once the project is commissioned to you, we will hold full copyright to the content that you will
    develop for our under the contract. You will hold no copyright whatsoever on the content and we are
    free to publish it as per our wish.

    500 hundred comprehension/passage which would be according to grade level year 2 to year 11.
    It will require 50 passages for year 2 which include 10 passages about concerned country’s culture and
    tradition. Rest 40 passages will narrate about mammals, birds, environment etc. (specified instructions follows
    later on)
    It should be mentioned here, that these passages will consist only about USA,UK, Canada and Australia. Each
    passage consists of 100 words.
    Ashraf: 0469852962
    Hasnat: 0425834402

    • pochp says:

      Sir/Ma’am Pavelsyd,

      I’m very grateful and flattered by your offer. However, I do not think I can handle this requirement:

      ‘You will take on the responsibility of …managing all the writers and editors…’

      I am only a writer that could edit my own works. Thank you Sir/Ma’am.

      Poch Peralta

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