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Something Worse Than Family Not Buying Your Book

When Friends and Family Lie About Buying Your Book ‘Well, it happened again. An author accused us of not paying royalties on friends and family book sales…that never occurred. He was unable to provide copies of receipts from the loved … Continue reading

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Robot Writers Are on the Rise, but Do They Work?

‘If you’ve spent any time reading on the web the past week, odds are you’ve read something written by a robot—and you didn’t even realize it. ‘Robot writers are algorithms that collect and analyze data and then turn them into … Continue reading

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J.K. Rowling eBook’s Formatting Disaster

So even bestsellers could still suffer ebook formatting glitches. My own first eBook on Amazon Kindle was a formatting disaster too. Lesson: Learn all about formatting ebooks before publishing your own. Too many glitches could escape you. Hachette released the … Continue reading

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My Kindle eBook Foul-up -updated

I got a bit of a shock when my friend Writerdood informed me that my Kindle eBook’s (The Picasso Anthology) formatting was terrible and hard to read. I don’t even have any idea how that happened! Here is Amazon’s reply: … Continue reading

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Fiction Uncovered Plans to Highlight Overlooked Novels

Fiction Uncovered is a promotion for eight talented British authors who haven’t had the exposure they deserve. Let us all fiction writers hope that this trend becomes international. ‘Eight authors that have not received the attention they deserve are to … Continue reading

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My First Published eBook

Poch Peralta’s first eBook, The Picasso Anthology, is published by Amazon. The ebook is a compilation of short stories comprising of most sub-genres of crime fiction i.e., cozy (humorous), police procedural, hard-boiled, etc. The style of the book is comparable … Continue reading

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