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The Deepest Anecdote Written by a Child

The struggle for psychic survival Does a story whose truthfulness is alleged within a fictional dialogue remain truthful? Can you imagine an eight-year-old saying: ‘The world inside every person is as big as the one outside, only no one knows … Continue reading

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Why Writers Write

That question is not as simple as it sounds. But my answer is simple: I write because I enjoy writing and know it’s one of my talents; a ‘gift’. Michael Lewis on Writing, Money, and the Necessary Self-Delusion of Creativity … Continue reading

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Crucial Steps to Writing and Publishing Your First eBook

One article I regretted not reading before publishing my first eBook. If you sacrifice quality, you may end up doing yourself more harm than good in the long run ‘You want to be seen as the go-to expert in your … Continue reading

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J.K. Rowling eBook’s Formatting Disaster

So even bestsellers could still suffer ebook formatting glitches. My own first eBook on Amazon Kindle was a formatting disaster too. Lesson: Learn all about formatting ebooks before publishing your own. Too many glitches could escape you. Hachette released the … Continue reading

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My Kindle eBook Foul-up -updated

I got a bit of a shock when my friend Writerdood informed me that my Kindle eBook’s (The Picasso Anthology) formatting was terrible and hard to read. I don’t even have any idea how that happened! Here is Amazon’s reply: … Continue reading

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The Endangered Semicolon (by Randomness)

Posted by heathercurley under Randomness Still not bringing my A-Game here. I blame it on the fact I am quite easily distracted by entertainment gossip. First Farrah, then Michael, now Billy Mays? June was a good month NOT to be … Continue reading

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