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Racism in Avatar -by writerdood

For many people, the movie Avatar is been viewed as racist in that it depicts how a white dude can come along and pretend to be a blue dude, get schooled in the way of the jungle, and then kick … Continue reading

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Powerless and Hungry -by writerdood

While young Islamic militants skulk in dark corners savoring hatred of the world for their own persecution, the Christian movement pushes its agenda with the money and power of much of Western civilization behind it. You see the pot churn. … Continue reading

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The Dreams of Old Men -by writerdood

What do old men dream about? I used to wonder that when I was younger, because when I was young, I’d dream about the future. I’d dream about how I’d like to start my own company, or how I’d like … Continue reading

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Reality is Relative -by Writerdood

In my youth, I observed that many people believed many things about the world, about other people, and about the reality they lived in. Moreover, they did not agree with each other. No one I encountered seemed to believe exactly … Continue reading

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