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What’s the difference Between Fact and Truth?

Truth or Fact. Which do you think is the purer concept? When I first meditated on the question, ‘What’s the difference between fact and truth?’, I was glad that it’s a scientific item which I declared Fact –and only one … Continue reading

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The Seering –by Izaakmak

This is the first semi-sci-fi article submitted here and I think it’s worth a read: After a weekend where four separate murders have been reported here in the city I call home, including one where the victim was robbed after … Continue reading

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Hello! Thanks for looking!- by horrorible

I hope to become a real published author….by make a living at it. Through this blog I will post some short stories I’ve written in the hope you will find them entertaining. And I hope you will do me the … Continue reading

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Story Structure- by Larry Brooks

This is an outline of the article ‘Story Structure’ by Larry Brooks. Although written for crime-fiction amateurs, we can surely apply elements of it for other fiction genres: The first box: Part 1 of your story… the Set-up. Part 1’s … Continue reading

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The Endangered Semicolon (by Randomness)

Posted by heathercurley under Randomness Still not bringing my A-Game here. I blame it on the fact I am quite easily distracted by entertainment gossip. First Farrah, then Michael, now Billy Mays? June was a good month NOT to be … Continue reading

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