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How Record Labels Rob Musicians

When you read Courtney Love‘s letter to recording artists, you discover that she isn’t just another dumb, crazy blond rocker — that she could compose intelligent letters too. According to her, there are 3 basic facts all recording artists should … Continue reading

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eBook Lending Library Launched

If you have a published eBook, you can even register it for lending. ‘Today, a group of libraries led by the Internet Archive announced a new, cooperative 80,000+ eBook lending collection of mostly 20th century books on OpenLibrary.org, a site … Continue reading

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Centerfield -by Gryphon

Just the philosophical intro of this post poked me into reposting it -Poch: I’m convinced that there are no such things as “beginnings.” Everything is just a continuation of the same process. I am fooled sometimes into thinking that I … Continue reading

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The Seering –by Izaakmak

This is the first semi-sci-fi article submitted here and I think it’s worth a read: After a weekend where four separate murders have been reported here in the city I call home, including one where the victim was robbed after … Continue reading

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There, But For The Grace Of … What?

by Izaakmak I have written frequently and openly in this blog about my problems with depression and addiction. I have described my having become an “urban hermit” in an effort to isolate myself from the madness of “the global asylum.” … Continue reading

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