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New Rules with Paid Wikipedia Editors

They have to disclose now if they’re paid. Will that stop the Editorial Wars? ‘The heart of the change is that anyone who is paid to edit the site must “add your affiliation to your edit summary, user page, or … Continue reading

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Wikipedia’s Wales Tags Holistic Healers ‘Lunatics’

Jimmy Wales rants at holistic healers petitioning Wikipedia He’s too dumb to realize he’s also making enemies with Buddhists and Yogis. He also proved that Wikipedia is prejudiced. Maybe he’s on the payroll of the Big Pharma and doesn’t have … Continue reading

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What to Do with Neglected Gifted Children

Precocious kids do seem to become high-achieving adults. Why that makes some educators worried about America’s future ‘…Lubinski’s unusually successful cohort was also a lucky group from the start—they participated in the study in the first place because their parents … Continue reading

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Perpetuating False Crimes with Social Media

What if a ‘false crime’ personally scandalize you? ‘A hodgepodge of content from friends and brands alike, on social media it’s easy to confuse trustworthy information with gossip. As users turn more to their Facebook or Twitter feeds for news … Continue reading

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