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The Importance of Fairy Tales in Education

‘If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be very intelligent, read them more fairy tales.’ – Einstein more 25 Insights on Becoming a Better Writer ‘Today, writing well is more … Continue reading

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Cheap Joy Worth 40 Cents

A 40-cents red pen made my day. Whenever I run out of red pens, my day gets ruined. They are just as important as writing pens to me. I us them to mark and write notes inside books. I don’t … Continue reading

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The word processor that was designed by a writer for writers

When it comes to manuscript editors, I’m very picky because my lightweight system dictates that I be. Here are 2 tools that outdo many others. I also discovered in yWriter that if you’re having trouble with highlight+copy, yWriter solves that. … Continue reading

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Writing is Easy

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Creative Writing and Special Characters

I’m not sure if I keep lapsing or continually confused or both about special keyboard characters — particularly where to place them. I wasn’t even sure about writing this until EzineArticles published a great piece titled The Dash – The … Continue reading

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When is an Author a Writer or a Writer an Author?

Is There Integrity in Writing? The Difference Between Writing and Painting Some groups still debate whether writing (and painting) is an art or a craft. But that’s not my topic here. The frank article ‘The Myth of Artistic Integrity’ by … Continue reading

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Hello! Thanks for looking!- by horrorible

I hope to become a real published author….by make a living at it. Through this blog I will post some short stories I’ve written in the hope you will find them entertaining. And I hope you will do me the … Continue reading

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Freelance Writers and Writing Genres- by thewritecorner

Genre refers to a category of works that share a common style, form, or content. A literary, or writing genre, to be more specific, follows the same technique, content, or tone. Examples of literary genres include fiction, non-fiction, satire, and … Continue reading

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10 Things Readers Have in Common by Sharon (thesunlitdesk)

This morning I was reading a review of The book thief (Markus Zukas). The reviewer read the book based on recommendations from his friends who all said they loved it. Unfortunately the reviewer could find no reason to keep reading … Continue reading

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The Endangered Semicolon (by Randomness)

Posted by heathercurley under Randomness Still not bringing my A-Game here. I blame it on the fact I am quite easily distracted by entertainment gossip. First Farrah, then Michael, now Billy Mays? June was a good month NOT to be … Continue reading

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