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The Inescapable Philosophy of Philosophy -by Jamesesz

~ Our meeting today, my dear reader, is not one of coincidence, luck or blind chance. That we have met today means that we were meant to meet one another and our meeting could not have happened in any other … Continue reading

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The Seering –by Izaakmak

This is the first semi-sci-fi article submitted here and I think it’s worth a read: After a weekend where four separate murders have been reported here in the city I call home, including one where the victim was robbed after … Continue reading

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Does Free Will Exist or Not? -by Anil Ananthaswamy

I really want your opinions about this very controversial issue please : In 1983, neuroscientist Benjamin Libet asked volunteers wearing scalp electrodes to flex a finger or wrist. When they did, the movements were preceded by a dip in the … Continue reading

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The Ugly Publishing Truth

Here is the reality of the publishing business: ‘…the publishing industry treats writers like shit on their shoes. The price you pay for being a writer is high.’ – James Frey A Guest Post by James N. Frey — You … Continue reading

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