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Cartoon Network Seeks Filipino 3D Artists

In 1993 when 3D animation isn’t popular yet, Walt Disney subcontracts our office Tokyo Animation in Manila. Lion King was just one of the movies we created scenes of. ‘Silas Hickey, Cartoon Network’s creative director for animation development in Asia … Continue reading

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Amazon Labels’Tom and Jerry’ Racist

Tom And Jerry cartoons depict ‘ethnic and racial prejudice’, warns Amazon ‘Without mentioning specific examples, the Amazon blurb reads: ‘Tom And Jerry shorts may depict some ethnic and racial prejudices that were once commonplace in American society. Such depictions were … Continue reading

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What to Do with Neglected Gifted Children

Precocious kids do seem to become high-achieving adults. Why that makes some educators worried about America’s future ‘…Lubinski’s unusually successful cohort was also a lucky group from the start—they participated in the study in the first place because their parents … Continue reading

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Unpublished Book an Amazon Best-Seller

‘It’ll be six months before it’s even released. Yet it’s already become Amazon’s #2 best-selling book! It’s by the cartoonist who draws the popular online comic strip XKCD. And ironically, this book is titled “What If?” ‘It’s like a surreal … Continue reading

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The Smallest Neighborhood Educational Center?

Baclaran in Paranaque, Philippines is so small it’s not even called a town but a Barangay (village). It’s just 46.57 square kilometers and just a few minutes drive to Manila’s main international airport which is probably the reason for its … Continue reading

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Can a Writer Plagiarize Self?

‘Stealing’ Your Own Content Gary Provost is the author of The Freelance Writer’s Handbook and one of his advice is to steal small form different sources. He calls that ‘research’, not plagiarism. He even admits that he steals from himself … Continue reading

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Artists Deserve Respect Before Death

How many writers or artists do you know that were unrecognized or even ‘penniless’ before their deaths? Many of their relatives even became really ‘rich’ after they died. Here are some of the writers I’m referring to: Henry David Thoreau … Continue reading

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When is an Author a Writer or a Writer an Author?

Is There Integrity in Writing? The Difference Between Writing and Painting Some groups still debate whether writing (and painting) is an art or a craft. But that’s not my topic here. The frank article ‘The Myth of Artistic Integrity’ by … Continue reading

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Should a Freelance Writer Provide his SSN to Clients?

While it’s normal to want writers to provide addresses or SSNs for tax purposes, you shouldn’t have to provide your Driver’s License ID number, bank details (unless you’re being paid by Direct Deposit), names of the members of your family, … Continue reading

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Writers Beware Program

These folks are wizards when it comes to digging up the dirt. Let’s all team up to support the Writers Beware Program and catch the plagiarists. -

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