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Blood Moon 2014

photo by NASA Imagine if the moon is that close to us and which we can travel to in one day.

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Storytelling That Gets Sympathy

If you have a child that’s dying of cancer and want emotional and even financial aid, how would you tell your story? In this awesome video, Dr. Paul Zak offers a simple yet remarkable case study in how the human … Continue reading

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Physical Anthropology/Human Bones in Forensics

One will notice that in crime fiction, forensics is always about human body parts, textile (including carpet) fibers, and just everything about what the victim or criminal touched. In Aaron Elkins’ “Icy Clutches”, it was specifically about human bones. In … Continue reading

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Intuition: How Encompassing is it?

There are linguistic and philosophical definitions of the word ‘intuition’ but I prefer to simply define it as ‘Perceiving without Reasoning’. I have seen documents claiming that law enforcement agencies use psychics to help in their investigations. So I wasn’t … Continue reading

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What’s the difference Between Fact and Truth?

Truth or Fact. Which do you think is the purer concept? When I first meditated on the question, ‘What’s the difference between fact and truth?’, I was glad that it’s a scientific item which I declared Fact –and only one … Continue reading

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Does Free Will Exist or Not? -by Anil Ananthaswamy

I really want your opinions about this very controversial issue please : In 1983, neuroscientist Benjamin Libet asked volunteers wearing scalp electrodes to flex a finger or wrist. When they did, the movements were preceded by a dip in the … Continue reading

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