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Stories in Movies

Stephen Farber opines that ‘Today’s movies just ain’t what they used to be.’ I tend to believe that. Good movies come from good novels or scripts. As years go by, even bestselling novels are ‘padded’. Meaning: useless words added just … Continue reading

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70% for Author Royalty!?

It’s true. Amazon is offering authors and publishers 70% of every sale of a title for the Kindle. The move, which Henry Blodget called brilliant, will use writers to pressure publishers to accept the new format and the lower prices. … Continue reading

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Is Blogging Journalism?

What’s the difference between a journalist and a blogger? According to Dana Blankenhorn: ‘Bloggers don’t write stories. We tell stories. There is a difference. A blogger generally does not get paid by the reader, or the hour, or the story. … Continue reading

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Centerfield -by Gryphon

Just the philosophical intro of this post poked me into reposting it -Poch: I’m convinced that there are no such things as “beginnings.” Everything is just a continuation of the same process. I am fooled sometimes into thinking that I … Continue reading

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Intuition: How Encompassing is it?

There are linguistic and philosophical definitions of the word ‘intuition’ but I prefer to simply define it as ‘Perceiving without Reasoning’. I have seen documents claiming that law enforcement agencies use psychics to help in their investigations. So I wasn’t … Continue reading

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What’s the difference Between Fact and Truth?

Truth or Fact. Which do you think is the purer concept? When I first meditated on the question, ‘What’s the difference between fact and truth?’, I was glad that it’s a scientific item which I declared Fact –and only one … Continue reading

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Garry Kasparov on ‘Chess Metaphors’: The Chess Master And The Computer

This is an essay about the impact and effects of computers on Chess and society in general. In 1985, Kasparov played a simultaneous exhibition against thirty-two computers and won all games. Eleven years later in 1996, he was victorious again … Continue reading

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The Curse of Sherlock Holmes

Tip: This article is a ready idea for a great novel. It exposes how the copyright ownership of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ is still being fought for until now so much so that even Jean Conan Doyle, a daughter of the creator, … Continue reading

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Sarc Mark

A new punctuation character might soon replace the ‘sys rq’ key or any useless one on our keyboards. It’s the Sarc Mark – sarc for sarcasm. Obviously, its use is to make obvious and stress a sarcastic line but it … Continue reading

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Racism in Avatar -by writerdood

For many people, the movie Avatar is been viewed as racist in that it depicts how a white dude can come along and pretend to be a blue dude, get schooled in the way of the jungle, and then kick … Continue reading

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