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Amazon’s Best-Selling Books of 2014

‘With the year drawing to a close, everyone from Google to Apple has been posting of their best selling titles for 2014. Yesterday Amazon published their list. ‘Since this is a single combined list for both print and digital, there’s … Continue reading

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Unpublished Book an Amazon Best-Seller

‘It’ll be six months before it’s even released. Yet it’s already become Amazon’s #2 best-selling book! It’s by the cartoonist who draws the popular online comic strip XKCD. And ironically, this book is titled “What If?” ‘It’s like a surreal … Continue reading

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Perpetuating False Crimes with Social Media

What if a ‘false crime’ personally scandalize you? ‘A hodgepodge of content from friends and brands alike, on social media it’s easy to confuse trustworthy information with gossip. As users turn more to their Facebook or Twitter feeds for news … Continue reading

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Committing Writing Crimes

How a small slip of the pen could land us in jail with multiple charges A publisher offers you a gig job and asks you to probe and write about a new popular murder case. You discovered that you know … Continue reading

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The Problem with Jargon in Crime Books

While I was reading James Lee Burke’s ‘Cimarron Rose‘, I wondered why the book wasn’t a bestseller. It is a rare novel  where heavy human drama and insensitive hardboiled action were combined. An excerpt: ‘Then I had one of those … Continue reading

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The Funny and Tragic World of Publishing

Bully book co-authors accuse each other of bullying, plagiarism ‘They teamed up to write a book about bullying in the workplace and wound up in a legal battle over allegations of plagiarism, breach of contract and — yes — bullying. … Continue reading

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My First Published eBook

Poch Peralta’s first eBook, The Picasso Anthology, is published by Amazon. The ebook is a compilation of short stories comprising of most sub-genres of crime fiction i.e., cozy (humorous), police procedural, hard-boiled, etc. The style of the book is comparable … Continue reading

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Writers Beware Program

These folks are wizards when it comes to digging up the dirt. Let’s all team up to support the Writers Beware Program and catch the plagiarists. -

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Physical Anthropology/Human Bones in Forensics

One will notice that in crime fiction, forensics is always about human body parts, textile (including carpet) fibers, and just everything about what the victim or criminal touched. In Aaron Elkins’ “Icy Clutches”, it was specifically about human bones. In … Continue reading

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The Curse of Sherlock Holmes

Tip: This article is a ready idea for a great novel. It exposes how the copyright ownership of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ is still being fought for until now so much so that even Jean Conan Doyle, a daughter of the creator, … Continue reading

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